Mockery or PHPUnit

Test doubles are not new thing for php developers. When it comes to mocking there are clear 3 choices at the moment, assuming that phpUnit is used for testing.

1. PhpUnit Mock (Default)
2. Mockery
3. Phrophesy

I have not got much experience with phrophesy. But it’s more a behavioural testing tool for bdd style of development than a testing tool.

Everzet, the man himself, provides amazing little blog about itĀ here. Please read.

Among remaining two, I use Mockery for few reasons.

1. Easy to mock




2. Mocking with Chain and Fluent Interface

I will take an example fromĀ Mockery doc.

Code: $object->foo()->bar()->selfDestruct();
MockeryMock: $mock->shouldReceive('foo->bar->selfDestruct')->andReturn('Ten!');

A real life example would be:

if $this->securityContext->getToken()->isAuthenticated(){}

How do you do this with phpUnit?

i) You mock bar.

ii) Mock foo

I assume it uses DI in both levels

iii) Mock $object

3. Calling of a method more than once with different parameters

Lets take an example of code below.

$object->addSomething('thing 1')

With Mockery:

You get error if you stub a method twice. Umm…..

4. Mocking Final Methods Proxy

Read here.

Swahaa!! for now!!!


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