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Why Behaviour Driven ? Why Behat for APIs ?

I was asked today why did I choose Behat for REST APIs behavioural testing over other online tools. Here are few points. 1. Monitoring Tools: Any tool that have no requirement to write code are more likely to be monitoring … Continue reading

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How To Rename Database in Mysql?

Well you don’t. As ‘RENAME’ was thought as bad idea hence not available in later version of mysql. Easiest way is to dump database and import into new. But alternatively, Use Linux Command line: > TABLES=`mysql -u*** -p*** db_name -sNe … Continue reading

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Symfony 2: Use console commands under a console command

Database ReIncarnation: I wanted to create a command “database.reincarnate” which will run four other commands, for the testing purpose. Database Drop (If exists) Database Create Update Schema Load Fixtures So, I tried to figure out how it could be done. … Continue reading

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