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Mockery or PHPUnit

Test doubles are not new thing for php developers. When it comes to mocking there are clear 3 choices at the moment, assuming that phpUnit is used for testing. 1. PhpUnit Mock (Default) 2. Mockery 3. Phrophesy I have not … Continue reading

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Docker setup using docker-compse with CentOS6.8 Nginx PHP7.0

Why NOT CentOs7.0? At this time of writing this, there is an issue with Docker base repo available for CentOs 7.0 has some issue with  PHP7.0. Hopefully in the near future, that will be fixed too. Docker Compose: If you … Continue reading

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Docker Commands

Once Updated the config: docker-compose stop && docker-compose rm -vf && docker-compose up -d –build List Processes: docker ps -a Bash Login to a container: docker exec -it NameOrIdOfTheContainer bash Inspect the Network: docker network inspect nameofnetwork Note: Name of … Continue reading

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